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Traditional Tibetan Medicine is a science and an art, dating back to antiquity. One of its unique features is that, although it is generally practiced alongside the Buddhist philosophy, TTM contains a comprehensive philosophy, cosmology, and system of subtle anatomy with associated spiritual practices, in its own right. In addition, TTM encompasses a wealth of knowledge on anatomy and physiology, embryology, pathology, methods of diagnosis and cure. The science of Traditional Tibetan Medicine includes a huge herbal pharmacopoeia, as well as a large body of external therapies which are little-known in the Western world.TTM is a holistic system, meaning that it addresses the individual’s needs as a whole – body, mind and spirit – in an integrated way. This includes the individual’s internal environment, as well as the way that the individual interacts with the external environment.

If you are staying in Poland, please see for the courses offered by Akademia Tradycyjnej Medycyny Tybetanskiej, a Polish branch of International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine.

If you are staying in Czech Republic, please visit the Czech branch of IATTM at for the current courses there.

If you are staying in some other country, please find the closest branch of the IATTM at

Upcoming events:

21-28.2.2015: TTM 1.2 -Anatomy and Physiology, base of pathology

28-29.4.2015: Mantra Healing 1 in Darnków with dr Nida Chenagtsang

30.4- 1.5.2015: Mantra Healing 2 in Darnków with dr Nida Chenagtsang

2-3.5.2015: Rejuvenation Chudlen with dr Nida Chengatsang in Darnków, Poland



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