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Publikacje IATTM

Publikacje w tej chwili dostępne jedynie w języku angielskim



  • Czasopismo o medycynie tybetańskiej „Traditional Tibetan Medicine Journal”

    Wydanie 6 :

    The Gardens of Tanaduk – Tibetan Medicinal PlantsTTMJ 6 cover small

    -Interview with dr Nida Chenagtsang-  Medicinal Plants

    -Principles of Compounding Tibetan Remedies, Anu Rootalu

    -Learning to Harmonize and Therefore to Heal, dr Eliot Tokar

    -The Multi-target Mechanisms of the Tibetan Herbal Formula Padma Lax in Constipation, Svenja Simits and dr Cecile Vennos

    -Pharmacology of Traditional Tibetan Psychiatry, dr Alexandr Arbuzov

    -Simple Homemade Tibetan Formulae, Anastasya Tepliakova and dr Anastazja Holecko

    -Herbal Compresses According to Tibetan Medicine, dr Nashalla Nyinda

    Wydanie 5 :


    magazyn medycyny tybetanskiej

    – Tibetan Medicine and Classification and Treatment of Mental Illness – dr Colin Millard

    – An Ongoing Worldwide Congress – dr Jens Toennemann

    – Meditative Neuroscience of the 21st Century  – Tetsu Nagasawa

    – Padma Digestin in Burnout – dr Cecile Vennos
    – The Trees of Tibetan Medicine- dr Maria Loscei
    – Yuk Cho – Stick Therapy  – Phillipe Gonin
    – Interview with Dr Padma – Karen Stone
    – External Therapies after Delivery  – Anu Rootalu
    – Common Uses for Nutmeg
    – Book Reviews





Wydanie 4:

-Interview with dr Nida Chenagtsang- Lum, Herbal Bath Therapy

-Overcoming Regulatory Chellenges: Padma Digestin- dr Cecile Vennos

-TTM Students go Nomad

-Tibetan Medicinal Bath Therapy  – dr Maria Loscei

-In Memoriam- Lama Lobsang

-Palliatve Care – dr Wolfgang Schweiger

-Medicinal Herbs -The 5 Nectars

-Common Uses of Saffron

-Contemporary psychiatry – dr Jens Tonnemann

-Book Reviews


Wydanie 3

– Interview with dr Nida Chenagtsang: The Tibetan Pharmacopea

– Srog ‘zin 10 a Tibetan Formula for Times of Crisis and Unrest – dr Cecile Vennos, dr Herbert Schwabl

– The Substitutes for Tibetan Pharmacology – dr Alexander Arbuzov

– The Tree of Health and Disease

– Triphala – the Three Fruits from the Fragrant Mountains -Udo Stanglmeier

– A Comparison of Points and Meridians in Traditional Medicines of China, India and Tibet – Klemens Vollhardt

–  Application of Tibetan External Therapies during pregnancy- clinical cases  –  Anu Rootalu

– Herbals: Common uses for pepper

– Books reviews – a selection of Tibetan medical texts


Wydanie 2

– Interview with dr Nida Chenagtsang: Integrating Tibetan medicine into the West

– The Multi-target Approach of Tibetan Remedies – dr Herbert Schwabl

– Migraine Prophylaxis with TTM – dr Jurgen Aschoff

– Comparative Embriology – dr Anastazja Mail

– The Tree of Four Tantras – dr Maria Loscei

– Tibetan Medicine- Applications in the West- Thomas Dunkenberger

– Herbals- Common Uses for Garlic

– A Lifestory of dr Sonam Topgey

– Medicinal Herbs- 3 Hot and 3 Cold Substances

– Book Reviews

  • Książki

    „The Tibetan Art of Good Karma”, dr Nida Chenagtsang

    „The Tibetan Art of Dream Analysis”, dr Nida Chenagtsang

  • DVD Kunye I stopnia

  • DVD Kunye II stopnia

  • DVD – Nedziang –  lecznicza joga tybetańska

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